Our Orientation & Field Day programs are designed as either a start of the year or end of year event. Our group challenges are team building in nature that promote collaboration, problem solving, communication, fun and excitement.

For the start of the year, the event is a great way for students to meet each other while working as a team. The program gives teachers and administrators the opportunity to observe individual characteristics, group dynamics and identify social behaviors both positive and negative. We encourage teachers to take part in the activities with the students as a continuation of building quality relationships.

For an end of year capstone event, the team challenge field day is an exciting way for students to commemorate the year. A year end Field Day with Mountain Workshop helps strengthen the relationships between students to last all summer. It will make returning to school in the fall a bit easier.

Activity Types

Olympic Group Challenges

We have designed a number of unique, challenging and fun group activities that emphasize team work, camaraderie and excitement. Groups rotate through and “compete” against each other in the olympic style events.

Large Group Games

Each activity and initiative is designed to present a challenge with a solution that is not immediately obvious. Participants are asked to organize their group, discuss ideas and potential strategies and then execute them as a team. All activities will be age appropriate and incorporate fun!

Team Initiatives

Groups will be exposed to a series of team challenges. The groups must work together utilizing skills such as group leadership, communication and trust to achieve the tasks at hand. Each activity is followed with a debriefing about how well the group worked together and where they can improve.

Build & Final Challenge

Teams will be supplied with materials to design, build, test and name a vessel/vehicle to be used in a race. Students create a brief marketing presentation about the features of their vessel. Teams are awarded for their imagination, teamwork, and final challenge results.

Introduction Program Quick Facts

Great for:

  • Beginning of Year Orientation
  • End of Year Celebration
  • Tone Setting
  • Student Bonding
  • Capstone Event
  • Field Day Event

Expected Outcomes:

  • Collaboration
  • Team Bonding
  • Student Engagement
  • School Spirit


  • Half-Day
  • Full-Day

Program Location Options:

  • On-School Campus
  • Local Town or State Parks
  • MW Preferred Venue