We all know students who over the years have been labeled natural leaders. The reality is most of the time they are more of influencers than actual leaders. Being a leader encompasses much more responsibility than just getting your peers to do what you ask. We work with all students to teach leadership values and leadership skills. Our programming focuses on developing; empathy, authenticity, humility and influencing. Activities are selected to challenge students in presenting ideas, negotiating best practices and using creativity in problem solving. We ask students to maintain their ambition for the greater purpose of the group rather than just themselves. We emphasize the benefit of going above and beyond what’s expected for the success of the group. 

Activity Types

High Ropes Challenge Course

High ropes challenge course pushes participants outside of their comfort zones and set the stage for discussions about practical risk taking, courage, humility and self control. Using safety equipment like; harnesses, helmets, cables, ropes, students traverse wooden beams and cables strung 20 to 30 feet high among trees!

Low Challenge Course

Students will navigate in groups of 10-15 through low challenge course elements. Each element summons students to work together to not only complete the challenges but keep each other safe. The groups utilize leadership skills and values including; presenting, creativity, empathy and optimism.

Build & Final Challenge

Teams will be supplied with materials to design, build, test and name a vessel/vehicle to be used in a race. Students create a brief marketing presentation about the features of their vessel. Teams are awarded for their imagination, teamwork, and final challenge results.

Leadership Series Quick Facts

Great for:

  • Leadership Development
  • Networking
  • Quality Relationship Building

Expected Outcomes:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Leadership Values
  • Accountability
  • Strategic Thinking


  • Half-Day
  • Full-Day

Program Location Options:

  • On-School Campus (if school has own challenge course)
  • MW Preferred Venue