• Bonding


    "Bonded with all the group and is keeping in touch with his fellow campers.
    Really enjoyed the cliff climbing."

  • Water Adventure


    "My daughter has been attending Awesome Adventures for the past 3 years and always comes back with wonderful experiences and self confidence as well as a knowledge and thirst for the outdoors."

  • experiences


    My daughter said it was completely "awesome"! She said the kids were terrific, the leaders wonderful, the experiences amazing. She was simply thrilled with her two weeks in coastal Maine.

  • Confidence

    Self Reflection

    At the end of each day the group would "circle-up" and talk about what they learned that day. My daughter would share these discussions at the dinner table each night. Wonderful!

  • Activities

    Different Activities

    Our daughter said everyday was outstanding.
    All activities were exciting and never did she feel unsafe.
    She would do it again in a heartbeat

  • Learn

    Self Awareness

    The week was a "10" for my boys. They loved experiencing
    new adventures and learned so much about themselves throughout
    the week as well

  • Challenging


    This fun, complex, and challenging experience provided my child with an opportunity to learn new skills. He was excited every minute of the way. He is looking forward to another week at the beginning of next summer